Noelle Killebrew

Noelle has her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of New Mexico. During her time at UNM, she worked as a junior sales associate for AC Fitness, interned for the UNM Sports Lab and worked at the UNM Hospital Cardiac Rehab. She started with LA Boxing as the original General Manager in 2004 and hosted their grand opening in January 2005. After learning the business, Noelle and Reece Killebrew bought LA Boxing in 2009 and a year later opened the Westside location. Reece and Noelle then opened their third Rio Rancho location in 2012. In 2013, the LA Boxing franchise and UFC GYM franchised merged and with Reece, Noelle ran three UFC GYM locations until 2019.

In 2019, Noelle and Reece decided to part ways with the UFC GYM franchise and sold their Westside and Rio Rancho locations. They kept the original entity and re-branded to REPUBLIQ.

Noelle wants REPUBLIQ to be a fun, safe and motivating space for everyone to reach their goals in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Reece Killebrew

Reece Killebrew is the founder and Head Coach at REPUBLIQ.  Reece began coaching because he passionately believes in the life-changing benefits of fitness. His goal, as a fitness coach, is to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes and overcome any self-doubt or perceived limitations.  In Reece’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and listening to Justin Bieber (IYKYK).

His degrees and certifications include:

  • B.A. Sociology
  • M.B.A. Business Administration
  • Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • NASM Sports Nutrition Certified
  • TRX

Albuquerque the Magazine Best Personal Trainer 2010,2011,2013,2016

Albuquerque the Magazine Top 5 Best Personal Trainer 2012, 2014

Albuquerque Weekly Alibi top 5 trainer  2018 and 2019

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Ben Acosta

Lifelong Martial Artists, 4th degree Black Belt in Bill Packer’s American Kenpo Karate, taught by my father Mike Acosta(AKKA school owner) Blue belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, certified martial arts instructor through AKKA Karate USA, certified Instructor for Chuck Norris’ KICKSTART KIDS NON profit organization for at risk youth in Pflugerville TX and Houston TX, as well as the City wide Demonstration Team. Amateur Kickboxer earning several titles(Southwest amateur lightweight kickboxing champion, Texas state amateur welterweight champion, CCKA US JR. Lightweight champion) Professional Kickboxer and muay thai fighter holding the WMTA Muay Thai title(champion), currently fighting for Glory Kickboxing! Amateur and pro MMA fighter training and fighting out of JacksonWink MMA. Working with the RepubliQ family since Oct 2014. Kettlebell, TRX, Bulgarian Bag certified. Above all I enjoy helping others reach their full potential both physically, and mentally!

Random Facts-Love the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 3 Ninja’s, Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport, and too many more to name. Also love Anime including DBZ, Hajime No Ippo, Kenichi, Death Note and Kenshin.

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Gabe Aguilar-Tafoya

Gabriel was born and raised in the Alamedan Valley of Albuquerque.
After playing Basketbell and running track throughout high school, Gabe was drawn to strength training and conditioning. After a few years of trial and error and teaching himself, he was introduced by a friend to bodyweight, barbell, and kettlebell training. Since then, he’s focused on learning and teaching others the safe and efficient use of these modalities.

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor SFG1, Strongfirst School of Strength
  • Certified Bodyweight Instructor SFB, Strongfirst School of Strength
  • All-Terrain Conditioning Certified Instructor
  • World Champion, Tactical Strength Challenge 2022
  • 4th place, Tactical Strength Challenge 2023

If you’re ready to start or resume your fitness journey, Gabe is here to help!

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Chris Garcia

Chris was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. His athletic involvement began when he was very young. He proved to be a natural athlete succeeding in multiple sports such as gymnastics, football, baseball and basketball. Along the way, he developed a passion for fitness which lead him to become a certified personal trainer with an important goal in mind; help others create a healthy lifestyle. Chris has been training in boxing and kickboxing for ten years, is Level 1 IKFF Kettlebell certified and SUPLES Bulgarian Bag Certified.

Chris looks forward to passing on his love for training to all REPUBLIQ members.

Fun Fact-
Chris is a husband and a dog dad and he has a passionate love for pizza and local beer.

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Ji Kim

Coach Ji’s fitness career started as a member of LA Boxing Abq back in 2009. He started off with one class per week, then 3, then 5, then 2 a days, then once taking 4 classes in one day! We couldn’t get him out of the gym, so we finally gave him a coaching job in 2011!

Ji has been a coach for over 13 years. He has since received coaching certifications with CrossFit, National Academy of Sports Medicine, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation, Suples Training Systems, and USA Olympic Weightlifting.

His favorite workouts include taking the SWEAT classes at REPUBLIQ and unilateral leg days. He also has a strong passion for teaching kettlebells. ‘Kettlebells are an amazing, versatile and efficient tool to incorporate into your training!” Ji has inspired many people to make positive lifestyle choices to achieve their fitness goals! Ji wants you to be “obsessed with your goals and be addicted to the grind.”

Next time you’re at REPUBLIQ, talk to Ji about fitness or ask him about his aspirations of having a traveling beach gym!

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Matt Leyva

Matt is a United States Marine and former professional fighter (MMA). He is an accomplished martial artist with 30 years’ experience, and a Personal Trainer for over a decade. Matt holds several health/nutrition/fitness certifications including IKFF Kettle Bells, NASM, dotFIT nutrition certification, and TRX Education certified. He has a strong passion to help others achieve their goals no matter the challenge and circumstance.

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IB Maiga

Ibrahim “IB” Maiga was born and raised in Socorro New Mexico! He has a Bachelor of science from ENMU. IB is a former professional football player and a current amateur boxer.

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Julio Martinez

Julio Martinez is a Bronx, NY native and now a full-time Albuquerque resident with over 25 years of fitness and 10 years of boxing experience. His expertise includes weight training, strength and conditioning and boxing with an emphasis on sparring.

As a teenager he studied Tai Fu Shoi (a traditional form of karate) and reached the rank of black belt, all while competing and winning countless tournaments on the east coast. After being sidelined with a knee injury he turned to weight training and boxing and has been doing it ever since. Having worked with many pro, amateur, and Olympic fighters, Julio (aka J.) is a great trainer for members looking to incorporate weight training into their boxing workouts and for those who want to take their training to the next level by getting in the ring for some live action. Julio is also Crossfit Level 1 certified.

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Josh Romero

Joshua Romero is a NASM certified personal trainer and has been a COACH at REPUBLIQ, formally UFC GYM, since 2017. He is certified in Suples Bulgarian bags as well as IKFF Kettle Bell levels 1 and 2. Josh also has experience in boxing with training and technique.

In addition to being a personal trainer, Josh works for Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue as a professional firefighter.

“My passion has always been to help others whether that’s out in the community or at the gym. Helping others adopt, improve, and maintain a healthy lifestyle is something I strive for. I also believe that exercise improves our mental health. Strong body, healthy mind. I specialize in strength and conditioning/ functional exercise. My favorite workouts to do in the gym are leg and kettlebell workouts. I also enjoy running in the foothills and outside workouts.”

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James Shoemate

James started as a member at LA boxing in 2011 and became a coach in 2014. He has a background in athletics, playing sports all his life, primarily basketball. Because of his experience in sports, he has a passion for functional training. Functional training can not only enhance one’s sport performance, but also help in daily activities. James often incorporates high intensity interval training and functional movements into his classes and personal training sessions. James has his NASM certifications and Kettlebell IKFF level 1 and 2 certifications. You can find James taking classes, at REPUBLIQ, with his wife and kids.
“There’s no better than environment to have fun with your fitness than at REPUBLIQ.”

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Dahlen Wilson

Dahlen comes with all the experience and education to be an amazing COACH at REPUBLIQ. He has his bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Exercise Science. He is a certified strength & conditioning coach, nutritionist, personal trainer and exercise physiologist. Dahlen is a professional MMA fighter, a former competitive powerlifter and is a United States Navy Veteran!

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Ricky Esquibel

Ricky is a lifelong martial artist & athlete with over 15 years of professional experience under Jackson Wink MMA as well as 13 years of grappling experience under Gracie Barra NM & Professor Rafael Barata Jr. Ricky has been a student of Jeff Mayweather at Mayweather Boxing Club for 4 years.

Ricky has over a decade of coaching experience, learning from Reece Killebrew & the many high-level Coaches of the REPUBLIQ family.

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